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Aniza Cushion - Royal Blue and Cream - 45x45cm

Aniza Cushion - Royal Blue and Cream - 45x45cm



Product Description

Gorgeous hand designed and hand embroidered symbols created by Otomi women in villages across Hidalgo and Puebla. A work of patience that can take between one to twelve months, depending on the size. Combined with refined Belgian linen, each item is sewn together with care in a small atelier in The Netherlands.
100% cotton front | 100% linen back | Invisible zipper |

* Please note that as unique, handmade art, no two pillows are ever exactly the same and color varies across monitors. Our website photos are a close representation of this pillow, but may not be identical to the one you receive.

The Otomi (Hñahñu) are one of the most ancient indigenous people of Mexico, thought to be the first inhabitants of the central plateau of Mexico.

In the state of Hidalgo, a group of artisan women create these beautiful fabrics with pride and patience. Each figure is first drawn on a natural cotton fabric called “manta” and then meticulously hand embroidered with mercerized cotton threads.
The designs are a reflection of everyday life interwoven with mystic symbolism and the imagination of the individual artisan.