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Between 2 Thumbs Necklace - Deborah Jamieson

Between 2 Thumbs Necklace - Deborah Jamieson

DJ 19


Product Description

Each piece of jewellery in this collection is unique to you.

Only one of each design will ever be in existence, like a rare treasure; uncommon and hard to find.
A conversation with a good friend about the Japanese art form of Shibari kick started the creative spark for this collection. Interested in the intimate connection between model and artist, I was curious to explore this further and understand the energetic exchange within this relationship. A bond is formed between the two. Shabari culture believes that the practice symbolises a connection to people and the divine spirit through the use of ropes and ties.

“I chose to celebrate our human connection and spirit we share by expressing the practice of this art form in jewellery”

Deborah Jamieson

Born with a curious & mischievous temperament, young Deborah developed a collector like obsession with objects deemed worthy, forging an intimate relationship with creativity at an early age.

Experimental moments lead to creations concocted through unconventional methods, hatching a magnet for trouble.

A bond with clothing was created at an early age, hrs spent watching her mum dress and get ready for a day at work instilled a need for self-expression and play.

As a young adult, conceptual ideas were formed around seeking a desire to explore these early practices with 3 dimensional forms. A career in fashion design followed.

Jewellery came about very naturally.

Following an intuitive tug that just wouldn’t give up, she found herself caught by the accessibility of seeing forms unfold with ease from idea to design & then making. Deborah describes this process as "a time bubble". It’s suspension within this complex visceral system.

Playing with concepts expressed through geometric, kinetic and sensory fundamentals, Deborah chases an energetic exchange with collaborations of form, shape, texture and colour both belonging to the past and present.

An interest in the personal connections we have with objects and the worth we place on them underpins and drives her curiosity to peruse this medium and what lies beyond it.

"Jewellery for aesthetically educated individuals who appreciate artistry & limited edition collections"