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KIFU - Bottle Stopper - Cream Shagreen - 4cm - Paris (lighter one)

KIFU - Bottle Stopper - Cream Shagreen - 4cm - Paris (lighter one)



Product Description

The signature of the KIFU PARIS Collection centers around unique objects that create a lifestyle. The collection goes beyond the individual piece, emulating a passion for the artisanal and the history behind such craftsmanship.

The materials used in the collection range from all types of exotic: shagreen, snakeskin, lizard, and ostrich. These are combined with raw and solid finishes including: shell, bronze, and wood. The way the materials and designs are developed is unique to the workmanship; highly skilled artisans with each their expertise and technique.

The way the materials are inlayed and used together on each design is an integral part of the collection´s signature. The mixture of bronze, shagreen and shell is an example of such, which gives a unique surface and aesthetic creating a design within itself. Another signature material in the collection is woven snakeskin, a new textile developed by the designer, Kifu Augousti, to use on different pieces in the collection.