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Oil on Board - Antonia Mrljak - 29.5x29.5cm (33x33cm framed) - 2017

Oil on Board - Antonia Mrljak - 29.5x29.5cm (33x33cm framed) - 2017

AM 052


Product Description

A Sydney based artist, Antonia has completed both a Diploma of Fine Arts and most recently, a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Sydney College Of The Arts, majoring in painting.

Antonia’s art practice involves the appreciation of the modest and humble, the imperfect, the incomplete, and the transitory. A fascination with these notions and the contradiction of permanence and change, her paintings represent states that are timeless but always changing.

A passionate abstractionist, the foundations of Antonia’s works stem from her early working years within fashion and styling.

Antonia’s particular approach to painting seems almost unnatural at times. She uses her vivid storage of memory and experience to conjure the images for the subject of her paintings. This comes from a past full of vibrancy and culture, but also turbulence and conflict. Her connection to memory is an embodied and figurative one, which is naturally processed through painting and drawings.