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Peter Dwyer Ceramics - Low Bowl - Blue

Peter Dwyer Ceramics - Low Bowl - Blue



Product Description

Peter Dwyer is an Artist, Lecturer, Fashion Designer, Creative Director and Stylist. He has been creating public/ civil art and private art pieces since 1987 in addition to lecturing in Art and Design at Universities and Design Institutes in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.

Peter focuses his work on the creation of beautiful objects in clay and dynamic ‘stage-fashion’ for high-end commercial clients within fashion, beauty and hair industries. This artwork can be seen in many private and public collections throughout Australia. His wearable pieces can be seen on stage and in the photographic images of Hair Expo, Sydney and Salon International, London.

Currently, Peter is the head of Creative Direction and Styling at the Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia while also teaching ceramics (pottery) at University of New South Wales Art and Design and for the City of Sydney. Peter has completed a Masters of Fine Art by research mixing art and fashion investigating the application of the classical vase and urn shape in contemporary culture.

One-off gallery pieces / Centerpieces for use.
All pieces are food safe and do not contain contaminates or harmful elements.

Clay: White Earthenware

Surface: Wax resist, Black under-gaze, Clear gloss glaze

Firing temperature: 1100 degrees centigrade.